Activity [Wk 7]: Snapchat (Ephemeral Art)

This week’s art activity was quite interesting! I had never even thought of the possibility of using the app Snapchat to do art! Personally, I simply use Snapchat as just another means of communication between friends to add a little extra visual as to what I am doing throughout my day. Occasionally I will post to my Snapchat story a photo that I have tried to take artistically, but I never really put that much effort into it since it is gone within 24 hours. I really do think this is an interesting and cool activity to do. It is a refreshing change from the typical drawing or sculpture activities that an art class would do.

For my Snapchat activity, I not only snapped my usual group of friends that I send updates to, but I also snapped a few new people from the class as well, which was pretty fun! I did the usual updates of my day, which included a selfie and a picture of my coffee that day. However, I also wanted to do something similar to our artist of the week Janet Cardiff! I wanted to incorporate some sort of “tour” of where I was one day this week, which is super easy to do with the video feature on Snapchat! On Saturday, my younger sisters and I took a trip to the California State Fair, and I thought that would be a fun place to capture my video! WordPress won’t let me attach the actual video that I took, so I guess I will just have to explain it. I took the video while riding the swing ride at the fair, so the video is basically a 360 degree video panorama of the entire fair, which I thought was pretty cool (and I got some great feedback and replies to it as well)! You could also hear all of the sounds that go on around you while you are at a fair in the snapchat video, which made it feel like a very condensed version of one of Cardiff’s “tours”. I really enjoyed using Snapchat as my medium for art this week!

IMG_8550 IMG_8568 FullSizeRender-3

What I propose for a Snapchat activity for this class would be to create and tell a story with mini “tours” like the ones that Cardiff constructs and the one that I just described above. I think that this activity really meshed well with the artist of the week, as the form of art is quite similar, so I believe the learning and retention of information about the artist AND art form would be so great if the two were connected like this. I find it so interesting to see what my classmates are up to in their day to day lives (some people do the coolest things and travel to the coolest places!). So, by having them create mini “tours” it allows them to try out and play around with this type of art and to also learn about their peers! I think it would be a super fun idea and I’m glad that someone gave you this idea in the first place!


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