Artist OTW [Wk 6]: Nikki Lee

This week’s artist that we focused on was a photographer, which I found especially interesting because photography is the type of art that I love the most. In high school, my favorite teacher and my mentor was a photographer teacher. She taught me so much and it made such an impact on me and I still love it. Photography is such a versatile art form that you can do so much with. Also, what I found this week with Lee’s art is that the quality and type of art can vary as well.

At first glance, one might not blink twice at Nikki Lee’s photographs, I know I definitely didn’t. On the surface level, these photos merely look like they were taken on a disposable camera that you would buy at Rite Aid. However, after learning more about Lee and the content in her photographs, I admire her greatly. The way that she puts herself into her own photos and adapts to the stereotypes of the cultures she is trying to portray is so interesting. She is trying to send the message that no matter what culture, race, or stereotype we fall under, we are connected in some way, and we have more in common than we think. She truly is creating a sense or community with her art, which I find so unique and admirable. My favorite of her works is the one that I have attached. The culture that she is getting into character to portray is so different than her own, which I believe really exemplifies the message that she is trying timageo get across. There is no one stereotype or category that people fall under. We are all very similar and more alike than we could even imagine. We are told to believe that we belong to a certain category or type of people just based on the way we look, which is not true. I really admire Miss Lee’s art and I’m glad that we all got the opportunity to see her work and hear your lecture on her, Glenn.


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