Activity [Wk 6]: Architecture and Urban Planning

This week’s assignment was one that I enjoyed a lot. I liked the way that we were able to take a place that means something to us or that we are in on a regular basis, and change it in a way to make it more efficient/to our liking. For my location, I chose the Belmont shore/2nd street area of Long Beach. This is a place that I am frequently in, as I do most of my shopping and eating on this street. I also recently just moved to an apartment right off of second street so it especially is an important location for meimage.

One main issue for this particular area is the parking. The only parking that is available to visitors of the area is street parking either at the meters or in the surrounding neighborhood. This causes a lot of inconvenience for the people who call Second street home. It takes me at least 10-15 minutes to find parking every time I come home, which I find to be absolutely ridiculous. Also, the one way streets throughout the neighborhoods are quite inconvenient and imagecause people to have to go out imageof their way to get to their destination. These two issues are what I focused on in my drawings.

I would like to start by apologizing for my lack of artistic ability, I spent so long trying to make sure that it represented the neighborhood somewhat accurately, I just cannot draw to save my life. The first drawing is of the neighborhood of Belmont Shore as it is now, and the second is the way that I would change it or the way I (and probably many others) wish it was. By putting in actual parking spots along Second, it would reduce the congestion and lack of parking throughout the neighborhood for residents. I also got rid of over half of the one way streets, as I just don’t see any need for them. This project was especially enjoyable because it had to do with something personal to my life and I liked being able to decide how to make things better in this area.


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