Artist Of The Week (Wk 5): Victorine Meurent

This week’s artist of the week was very unique in a different way. In our discussions, we had the debate of whether or not the subject of a painting could actually be thought of as the artist. Personally, I came to the conclusion that the physical artist and Victorine Meurent were equally responsible for the amazing art. She I had never really given much thought as to the possibility of the subject being the artist until this lecture. Meurent very much so has control in this art piece. The Lady Gaga example really put this point into perspective for our generation as well. There is definitely a lot of symbolism with this type of art and her being the artist. It shows that she is a very strong female figure and its admirable. However, I don’t think that she should solely be named the artist of these works. The painter, Manet, was extremely talented, and without him I do not believe that her art would be what it is. In nearly all of her works, she is looking at the painter and gazing back at whoever is looking at the painting. This is not typical at all of the time period, which is quite interesting. She is definitely exuding confidence and control with herself. I think that this definitely helps to further prove the fact that she is in fact the artist in these works.
The picture above is my personal favorite of the artists’. I think the way that she is staring straight at the individual painting the photo shows confidence and even power. It shows that she is not just some model to be painted, but a strong and independent woman with real thoughts and ambitions. This art sets itself apart from all the rest because of these features of her. Women subjects in paintings never look at the viewer, so this artist caused people to feel a little bit uncomfortable. But I believe this happens with a lot of very successful and diverse artists. I believe this artist is quite progressive and I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to learn more about her and her art.

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