Artist Observation [Wk 4]: Joseph Cornell

This week’s Artist of the Week was Joseph Cornell, who creates art out of “boxes”. This artist was extremely enjoyable for me to learn about. I think that creating art out of these sorts of boxes that hold memorabilia and cherished items or even random items that barely have meaning, can be so inspiring. There are so many different interpretations that can be thought of when observing this type of art. The reason why this art form and this artist connected so much with me personally is that my grandmother used to make art similar to this to display in her house. These boxes contained different pieces of memorabilia stored away from different trips or things from their childhood or when their children were growing up. This is similar to Cornell’s boxes because although the things he put in his boxes may not be from his actual travels, they hold sentimental value because they represent things that he believes in, his interests, his past, or places he wants to go. This type of art speaks to me specifically because I place such a high importance on traveling and the imagination. I find that your travels, whether they be actual travels around the world or “imagined travels”, can bring you a whole different perspective on life. The experiences and insight you can gain from traveling is unlike any other. Some of my most treasured possessions are those that I’ve gotten on trips or those that represent places I want to go.

My favorite piece of Cornell’s is a box that he created with a book! Cornell’s use of a book as the box could possibly mean that there is a connection between Cornell and this book and that he finds special meaning with it. Or, he could have no connection to the book at all and just thought it looked cool! That’s what I love about this art, there are so many interpretations for it. Inside of this box are little objects and photos, which I believe have some sort of connection to his family or the way that he was brought up. This piece seems to have sentimental value, which is why I admire it so much. slack_for_ios_upload


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