Artist [Wk 2]-Ana Mendieta

This week’s artist of the week was Ana Mendieta. This artist approaches her work in a much more dramatic way than I have seen in other art. Ms. Mendieta is not afraid to address controversial topics head on, and uses her own body to illustrate these issues. Some of these issues she portrays exactly, and then others she lets the audience interpret for themselves (for example, the first image is confronting a rape crime and the second photo looks like it deals with a feminist idea, however it is more up for interpretation).

anamendieta ana_mendieta_untitled__facial_hair_transplants__1972Another aspect that Ana uses recurringly in her work is nature. She is constantly using the elements in the natural world around her to bring out a more beautiful and earthy part of her work. She incorporates nature and her own body to really celebrate life as a whole and the world around us. Ana Mendieta is an artist who’s work most likely shocks most people when they first take it in, however her work also resonates with so many people on a profound, deeper level. I admire artists who are willing to take drastic risks like Ms. Mendieta for their art. This artist really perfected her own art form.

My favorite work of Ana’s is one in which she uses nature and the beauty of her own body to make art. In this photo, she has covered herself in mud and earth around her and is leaning into a large tree behind her. To me, this piece symbolizes the beauty of her natural body and the beauty of nature morphing together to become one beautiful form. A message that one could possibly deduce from this photo is that she is trying to portray a feeling of belonging in a sense. It looks like she is trying to say that she feels more comfortable being a part of something in nature. men1Overall, I greatly enjoyed Ana’s work and her story. I find it quite admirable that she is so risky in her art work and that she is not afraid to be bold and make statements through her art, it is quite refreshing and different than most other art that comes no where near to addressing these controversial subjects.


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