Activity [Week 2]- Plaster Casting

This past week’s activity was to make a plaster sculpture of either our hand or our foot. For this project, I went with one of my friends to the beach and made my sculpture right there on the beach. I went to Seal Beach and got pretty close to the water. I dug my hole, and my friend filled it in while I held my hand in the hole. I took it out very carefully and we poured our freshly mixed plaster in the hole immediately.DSC_0523

We laid out and hung out in the water for 30 minutes while we waited for the mold to solidify. While pulling the sculpture out of the sand, we realized it wasn’t a completely perfect looking hand, it looked more like my fist from when I pulled my hand out. I decided to wait for a little bit and brush off my plaster hand completely because I wanted it to look nice and clean and not covered in sand. img_0895


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